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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Why SAFspace?

Why on earth would Safiyyah start a blog? I’d like to imagine it’s for a noble reason, but I can’t think of anything at the moment. Of course, part of the motivation stems from close friends who are now sporting spanking-new blogs of their own. So one could say I feel a deep-seated desire to fit in.

I’d like to think it goes deeper than that though. I’m not even sure how comfortable I am with the idea that others will read these entries. As I told a close friend the other day, I am very insecure about my writing. Often it reveals things I never intended to share.

But I realized at a certain point that I want to write for myself. I have things I need to express. I have thoughts jostling around in my head, making strange thumping noises when I’m trying hard to sleep at night. I need an outlet; a space to unload. A place to keep my ideas safe so that I can comfortably let go of them when they’re too heavy to carry, knowing full well they’ll be there when I return. Perhaps even a space where my thoughts and beliefs can play, mingling together to form new groups and configurations that surprise even me, their creator, and yet providing me with an enlarged understanding of myself in the process.

I must warn you that this blog will not describe my daily activities or delve into my personal life. I am not sure I will ever reveal certain details online. I will instead peel back the layers of my personality, laying bare my ideas and dreams, my rants against the established order, and anything and everything I’ve noticed or wanted to say something about but didn’t or couldn’t for some reason or the other.

I used to laugh at the idea of a blog. I’ve had many conversations I now regret with my blogger friends. Why on earth would they set up a blog online? Did they actually harbour the mistaken and overblown belief that their thoughts were important enough for other people to read?! Now I realized I've often admired them from afar. There’s a certain boldness – maybe even panache – required to pick up the archetypal pen and write, knowing that others might take a peek. So laugh at me if you will. You’re perfectly entitled to do so. But I won’t back down. I’ve been initiated into the blogger world and I’m intrigued.

Welcome to SAFspace. Perhaps someday you’ll know better than I why I embarked upon this experiment called blogging. If and when you do, be sure to share it with me. Because I, more than anyone else, want to know.


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