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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Childish Logic

I adore children. The spontaneous words that pop out of their mouths so easily make them rather amusing companions. Notice how imagination overcomes illogic in this conversation with a wee cousin of mine:

“When I grow up, I want to be a gentleman!”
“Why do you want to be a gentleman?”
“Because I want to be the mayor of London!”
“The mayor of London?! But how would you get to London to become the mayor?”
“I can walk.”
“Isn’t it far? London’s two hours away!”
“I can still walk. And I will wear a gentleman hat and a long robe and a stick and people will admire me and want me to be the mayor and I will want to be the mayor too, so I will be the mayor!”

Possibilities are endless when you’re a child. We spend the rest of our lives paring away at those thwarted expectations. We need children to constantly remind us of what is possible. Did I mention I absolutely adore them?


  • At 3/21/2005 02:36:00 p.m., Anonymous Yusuf Smith said…

    As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

    Is that London in England or Ontario?

  • At 3/21/2005 04:38:00 p.m., Blogger Julaybib said…


    If this is the Mayor of London, England, then we are talking Ken Livingstone. Not a gentleman, more a cheeky chappie!



  • At 3/21/2005 04:43:00 p.m., Blogger Safiyyah said…

    Hahaha. I was thinking about London, Ontario. Who knows what my cousin was thinking about?

    Although I have to give him credit...walking to England would be a impressive feat!


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