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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Roshan's Roots, translated

Okay, I know some of you may not be able to relate to the creolese English that I’m using, but I’m having a lot of fun with it. I’ve tried to accommodate those of you who can’t understand. It’s hard to translate the meaning and the intonation, but this is the best I can do:

"Hello everybaddy. Meh wan’ tek dis oppo’tunity fo’ introduce meself. Meh name Roshan. Meh deh in meh early 20's. Still young, meh hope. Meh come from one small village in Guyana, but meh whole family emigrate to Canada lang ago fo' bettah oppo'tunity, and meh know de culcha here."
Hello everyone. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Roshan. I’m in my early 20’s. Still young, I hope. I come from a small village in Guyana, but my whole family emigrated to Canada long ago for better opportunities, and I’m familiar with the culture here.

"Best meh tell you lil bit ‘bout meh roots fo’ start off. Nuff people don’t know nuttin’ ‘bout Guyana and da' nah too good. When meh parents de growin’ up in Guyana, they ain’t know much, but now people gettin' good education and so on, and still, nuff people does confuse Guyana wid Ghana. Even in Canada. Dem deh in different continents, man! Guyana deh in Sout’ America. Some people does say it deh in de Caribbean. Any one good enuff. But not Africa."
To start off, it might be a good idea for me to tell you a little about my roots. A lot of people don’t know anything about Guyana, and that’s sad. When my parents were growing up in Guyana, they didn't know very much (about the world), but now people are well educated and yet they confuse Guyana with Ghana. They’re in different continents! Guyana’s in South America. Some people say it’s in the Caribbean. Either is good enough. But not Africa.

"A few months ago, Guyana get flooded. Mos’ o’ de country in ruins, and de people dem lef’ wid nuttin’. It bin really bodderin’ me, so meh glad Saf ‘low meh fo’ talk ‘bout it here. Nobody even mention it in Canada or ‘Merica or anywheh. Why? Guyana nah important? Nah big enuff? Dis a one subject wha' close to meh heart, you know? Why nobody hear ‘bout dis? Only people who ge’ family back home bin know de news. It bin prapally bad, meh tell you. But nobaddy care 't'all."
A few months ago, Guyana was flooded. Most of the country is in ruins, and people were left with nothing. It was really troubling me, so I’m glad Saf let me to talk about it here. No one even mentioned it in Canada or America or anywhere. Why? Is Guyana not important? Not big enough? This is a subject that’s very close to my heart, you know? Why didn’t anyone heard about this? Only those with family back home knew the news. It was really bad, I tell you. But no one cared.

"Guyana used to be one nice place fo’ live. Dey used to call it “Land of Many Waters”. Maybe da' one fittin’ title aftah de flood. But dere were so many nice tings in Guyana. Now is all gawn, long gawn."
Guyana used to be a nice place to live. They used to call it “Land of Many Waters”. Maybe that’s a fitting title after the flood. But there were so many nice things in Guyana. Now it’s all gone, long gone.

"Here meh include some pictures so you can see how de flood de ravage Guyana:"
Here I’ve included some pictures so you can see how the flood ravaged Guyana.

"Anyway, da’ de story of Guyana. De flood get it down. But it used to be a beautiful place. And it gon’ get back good, meh hope. Guyana does still affect lotsa de people who born dere or even dose who come ‘way. We still ge’ de Guyana spirit running tru our veins, you know…we still ge’ de culture. Meh gon’ talk sometime about de culture if Saf ‘low meh. Meh nah know if you know a’ready, but dem get lots o’ Muslims who come from Guyana. Meh gon’ tell you more about dem anadda day."
Anyway, that’s the story of Guyana. The flood brought it down. But it used to be a beautiful place. And it will return to that beauty, I hope. Guyana still affects lots of people who were born there or even those who left it. We still have the Guyana spirit running through our veins, you know…we still have the culcha. I will talk sometime about the culcha if Saf allows me. I don’t know if you know already, but there are lots of Muslims who come from Guyana. I’ll tell you more about them another day.

"Meh gon’ stop here fo’ today 'cause it gettin' late. God bless, and have a great night."
I will stop here for today because it’s getting late. God bless, and have a great night.

That’s all. I hope that translation was helpful. I think I’ll do a bit more Guyanese talk because the language is so expressive and musical and I enjoy it so much.


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