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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Just 10 hours left. 300 pages of a history textbook to be read - no, memorized - in those scant hours.

The nail-biting and the hair-pulling will soon start. Then the whole-body sweating. And soon I shall be running in dizzy circles around my room, screaming out for salvation until some unruly body part makes contact with my bed and I collapse in a drunken heap atop the covers. I blame it on an acute case of Procrastinitis.

Don't ask how it's possible. Just offer advice on how to get through this.


  • At 5/05/2005 03:36:00 a.m., Blogger ephphatha said…

    I feel your pain. There's only one thing you can do. Pick up the book and read it while pacing. After each chapter (or subheading or whatever), write something down on a piece of paper about it. That will do wonders for helping you remember what you read. Take it from somebody who can read two pages and have no idea what he just read. My mind sometimes wanders when I read, and taking notes keeps me focused.

  • At 5/05/2005 05:17:00 a.m., Blogger al-fikri said…

    Firstly, I think you need to eliminate the "worry & fear" factors. To do this you must do like what ephphatha said."Pick up that book as a first step".

    Not sure whether you can achieve the goal of remembering all 300 pages. But start with small goals - perhaps certain key sections or paragraphs. Break them down. If you manage to do that then focus and move on the next goals, and so on. Learn parts of each section and remember.

    Another method, is to repeat several words in a cycle format. Loud recitation of each section/words/sentences/paragraphs from beginning, each time repeat in 3-5 cycles. That should help you.

    Lastly, ask Allah for His Help for obviously if He Wills, everything is possible.

  • At 5/05/2005 10:15:00 a.m., Blogger Aliya said…

    1. Breathe
    2. Get off the computer! :)
    3. Focus
    4. Approach the book
    5. Read
    6. Breathe
    7. repeat 5 and 6 till you finish!

    good luck! :)

  • At 5/05/2005 11:13:00 p.m., Blogger Safiyyah said…

    I’m done! All 300 pages. The exam was excruciatingly long; my fingers are still aching. Tomorrow I shall celebrate. I’m too tired now.
    By the way, thanks for all the wonderful advice. It was surprisingly quite useful.

  • At 5/06/2005 05:27:00 a.m., Blogger cncz said…

    well you're done, so it's too late for my tried and true history book advice. it involves tea, snacks and book.

  • At 5/06/2005 08:15:00 a.m., Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said…


    Well done, take it easy now for a bit, till the next one rolls around. I did post a suggestion but blogger chewed it up (another conspiracy???) It had something to do with flicking thorough the book. reading the chapter headings and cramming it all in like crazy - worked for me!


  • At 5/06/2005 04:31:00 p.m., Anonymous Em said…

    Now that you've accomplished the impossible, please do share with us your recipe for the feat; I, too, need to live those thick, heavy, bounded , soporific horrors soon. Thanks!

  • At 5/07/2005 01:07:00 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    any tips on how to write a 30-50 page paper in the span of a weekend?

  • At 5/07/2005 02:51:00 p.m., Blogger cncz said…

    thirty is doable in a weekend. not 50.
    go through your sources and post it stuff for footnotes. footnotes take up more space anyway. write an outline. peg your footnotes to the outline. paper writes itself.

    my world record is 36 pages in 18 hours that got an A. if anyone can top that let me know.

  • At 5/07/2005 03:53:00 p.m., Anonymous sameera said…

    Was just going through when suddenly my attention was captured by ur blog. It is intresting and exciting.
    Will read it in future too.
    All the best.


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