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Monday, May 02, 2005

Addicted to Blogging

Bloggers rarely reveal how addictive blogging can become. One of the benefits of this break is a renewed awareness that I cannot blog each day. This is a hobby, not a part-time job. I have neither the time nor the energy to commit to daily postings, though my ideas are admittedly eager to run free.

Please take the time to answer these questions, either publicly or privately:
1. How often do you post new entries on your blog?
2. How many hours each day do you spend on your blog (or on other people's blogs)?
3. Do you feel guilty if you break your regular blogging routine?
4. Is your blog a substitute for something that is missing in your life?
5. What sort of satisfaction do you gain from blogging?
6. What sort of frustrations arise from blogging?
7. Are you addicted to blogging? If so, what will you do about it? If not, how have you saved yourself from this obsession?


  • At 5/02/2005 07:29:00 a.m., Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said…

    1) Daily
    2) Quite a few at the moment
    3) Not so guilty but I miss it
    4) Probably - no, make that definitely
    5) Great satisfaction for many reasons
    6) Wasting so much time on it
    7) Yes, try and reduce how much time I spend on it though I hope the novelty will wear off.


  • At 5/02/2005 08:47:00 a.m., Anonymous Yusuf Smith said…

    As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

    I don't really find it addictive, but then, my blog isn't really a personal blog. I very rarely reveal personal details about myself or my life. It's mostly about politics.

    It seems to be the personal blogs which burn out quickest - an awful lot of the blogs which were my regular reads early on in my blogging days have disappeared. Remember Jaded Soul and Amir Brooks' blog?

  • At 5/02/2005 10:59:00 a.m., Blogger Hasan the Not-So-Great said…

    1. often if not daily
    2. 1/2 hour at least
    3. not too much
    4. nope...just something to kill my excess free time
    5. it makes me feel like i can retain memories better
    6. trying to put complex stuff in simple words
    7. yes, im not doing anything because its good for me

  • At 5/02/2005 01:46:00 p.m., Blogger cncz said…

    i am addicted to blogging. i try to make mine a melange of personal and political tho. my break is more about the private going on in my life that i need to focus on, but i do miss it (only been out 36 hours lol). actually what i like more than posting is reading other people's blogs. their lives are so much more interesting than mine

  • At 5/02/2005 04:09:00 p.m., Blogger Knightmare said…

    1. Once or twice every week.
    2. 2 hours.
    3. No guilt.
    4. Yes, I'm missing a life.
    5. I get attention.
    6. Lack of writing skills.
    7. Not addicted to blogging. Saved myself from it by being bent on world domination.

  • At 5/02/2005 06:40:00 p.m., Blogger Safiyyah said…

    TRK: Can I venture a guess as to the missing part of your life? ;-) That plea was pretty powerful. I hope your prayers are answered. Hmmm. I wonder why your comments never appear on the sidebar with the other "Latest Comments"? A mystery, methinks.

    Yusuf: You’re kidding, right? You post at least once a day and that’s not addictive? Sounds like someone’s in denial here;-) And you may think your blog "isn’t really a personal blog", but it actually reveals quite a bit about you.

    Hasan: Looks like your blog’s working for you. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, but I do think there’s too much going on in my life right now, and I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with blogging at the rate I’ve been doing it previously.

    Cncz: Yeah, I don’t know about this distinction between the personal and the political. Where does my blog fit in, then?
    And don’t give me the "their lives are more interesting" line. You’re an incredible person and that’s why I visit your blog so regularly:-) But I agree with you – I like reading other ppl’s blogs more than I enjoy writing my own stuff.

    Knightmare: Thanks for the chuckle. If you’re bent on world domination, you’d better seek out a more powerful means to get your message across.

  • At 5/03/2005 04:42:00 a.m., Blogger ephphatha said…

    1. Five times a week.
    2. Sometimes an hour, sometimes a few minutes. You see, sometimes I'll write several blogs in one sitting and save them for posting so I'm not locked into writing every single day.
    3. I've only broken it a couple of times when I was sick. I didn't feel that guilty, but maybe a little. On the other hand, I sometimes feel guilty about posting so often, because I'm requiring too much of people who like to read my blog.
    4. Yes. I like a little more intellectual interaction with my fellow man than I get in real life.
    5. It's hard to put my finger on. I like writing, I like thinking about things, and I like to see how people respond to it.
    6. Sometimes I have a whole lot to say about a subject, but I want to keep the blogs short enough to be a light read.
    7. I'm not addicted; I'm committed. I've saved myself from addiction by being interesting in other things that distract me from it.

  • At 5/03/2005 06:23:00 a.m., Blogger ephphatha said…

    By the way, Safiyyah, I was thinking about reading the Qu'ran this summer and commenting on my blog about it. I hope that if I do, you'll check in from time to time and leave your comments. Don't feel any pressure, though. It's just that you're the only Muslim I ever talk to.

  • At 5/03/2005 07:46:00 a.m., Anonymous Yusuf Smith said…

    As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

    :You’re kidding, right? You post at least once a day and that’s not addictive? Sounds like someone’s in denial here;-) And you may think your blog "isn’t really a personal blog", but it actually reveals quite a bit about you.

    Well, I don't always post daily - sometimes I am too busy or tired to blog. I sometimes blog several times a day if I'm free, and not at all if I'm working. Sometimes I go two days without a single entry. Other times, you'll have four entries in a day.

    I don't try not to reveal too much about myself. I just don't make this my personal diary blog, that's all. I tend to post a lot of material in reaction to stuff I see on other blogs and in the papers.

  • At 5/03/2005 05:40:00 p.m., Blogger Safiyyah said…

    Sam: I will get back to checking your blog regularly once exams are over. You should seriously consider writing a book - I'm thoroughly impressed with the way you break down very complex idea into simple and comprehensive parts.

    Yusuf: Thou dost protest too much, methinks. :-D
    You mention sharing personal details. I alternate between the need to reveal parts of myself and the desire to maintain a degree of privacy in my life. My blog is the field on which a perpetual tug-of-war takes place.

  • At 5/05/2005 06:20:00 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you really try to hard to be funny

  • At 5/05/2005 11:10:00 p.m., Blogger Safiyyah said…

    I sincerely apologize. I will try to be super-serious so that I do not offend your sensibilities.
    Seriously though...if you don't like my writing, I'm certainly not forcing you to visit this blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. But if you are going to drop by every single day, perhaps you might be kind enough to leave a helpful comment once in awhile. All your comments thus far have been quite caustic.


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